3 Quick, Filling Work Day Breakfasts

Andrea Banerjee

Weekday mornings can be chaos. If you’re like me, the window between waking up and rushing out the door for your commute passes in a blur.

With so much to do in the morning it’s often necessary to take shortcuts. For most people this means skipping (or skimping) out on meals – and breakfast is the first to go. I definitely skipped breakfast through all of university and throughout years of working in my twenties. I would inevitably start to crash mid-morning and grab a pastry and coffee downtown. This would spike my blood sugar before another predictable crash, and I found that I would crave sugar all day.

It’s funny that compromising the quality of our meals is often the first sacrifice we’ll make when faced with the hectic work day. It’s a little counterintuitive; fuelling for work helps you feel awake, productive and well. I definitely feel less stressed when I’m not hungry. I’m more focused, alert and I get fewer headaches.

Today, I’m a big believer in breakfast. I like to think of it this way: Chances are you wouldn’t skip ironing your work clothes, preparing for a meeting, or setting an alarm to wake-up for work. These are all part of a routine to set you up for success in your day.

Invite breakfast into that routine.

You won’t regret it 🙂

Here are some fast, filling options that definitely beat an office doughnut or a store-bought granola bar.


Avocado Toast

The archetypal millennial breakfast does not disappoint. Packed with healthy fats and easy to pair with other flavours, avocado is a perfect toast topper. The possibilities are endless, but I love avo toast with an egg, or mashed up with salt, pepper and hot sauce.

Pro Tip: Finish doing your hair while the bread toasts.

Get some inspiration here.


Greek Yogurt Bowls

I’m a complete Greek yogurt evangelist – if you haven’t tried it, please do! Vanilla Skyr is my favourite. Packing upwards of 15g of protein per serving, this is a great choice because I can eat it on the go and it actually keeps me full.

Mix 3/4 cup yogurt with large flake oats, shredded coconut, fruit, chia seeds or your favourite granola and refrigerate for a breakfast that tastes like dessert.

Pro Tip: Prep it or pack it the night before so you can fly out the door and eat it on your way to the office.


Skillets and Scrambles

I never tire of omelets and scrambled eggs, and they’re a perfect base to sneak in some veggies early in your day.

Pre-chop bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes or onion so that you can toss handfuls into the skillet with a cracked egg in the morning. Scrambling it all together is foolproof if you don’t have any real cooking chops, and it takes under five minutes to prepare the whole thing.

Dress it up with salsa, top with avocado, or wrap it in a tortilla to eat on the go!

Pro Tip: Skim your inbox while you scramble.


Tell Us: What’s your favourite weekday breakfast?

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