Vegan Snack Series: Non-Dairy Tzatziki

Andrea Banerjee

If you’re trying to go non-dairy, you might be missing your favourite dip! One of my all-time favourite snacks is pitas and/or chips with dip. I also love a heaping spoon or spread of something tasty with eats such as sandwiches, toast, burger patties, Buddha bowls and falafel.

While scrolling Instagram last week, I saw a vegan tzatziki on my feed and got inspired. I like tzatziki because it’s light and refreshing, and it pairs well with a lot of vegetarian foods too. I set out to find a recipe and gave it a shot this weekend as a take-along appetizer for a family dinner.

I ended up finding this recipe for 6-Ingredient Vegan Tzatziki by Minimalist Baker* – you know I love a simple recipe with minimal ingredients!

*Minimalist Baker is amazing. I just subscribed and checked out their Fan Favourites e-Book, and cannot wait to try many more recipes.

Thoughts (in no particular order)

  • This was my first time buying unsweetened, unflavoured coconut yogurt. I went with Silk Cultured Plain Yogurt.
  • I was amazed at the taste – it’s similar to sour cream, while I was expecting to still taste coconut. I’m so excited to use it in other non-dairy dip recipes.
  • The dip turned out well, and was similar in taste to other tzatziki you may have had.
  • I loved that it called for fresh dill and put extra in mine.
  • My only word of caution is that my dip was pretty runny. This was likely from the yogurt I chose.**

Check it out, try it out, and let me know what you think!

**Update: after refrigerating overnight, the dip thickened up nicely 🙂


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