Fitchicks Go To…Crown and Dragon


When you’re craving wings, and you value a variety of flavours, no one does it better than Crown and Dragon. Most wing places fall into one of these categories:

Category A: High quality wings but limited flavour options (usually just mild, medium, and hot and if you’re lucky honey-garlic) OR 

Category B: Small or over-cooked wings and an abundance of flavours (many of which are redundant or sub-par)

Crown and Dragon breaks the mould. Their wings are huge, well-cooked and they have over 20 mouth-watering flavours. Their menu show-cases which flavours have won awards in various wing competitions. You can choose from baked or traditional deep-fried wings. BONUS: Tuesday and Thursday are half-price wing nights after 5:00pm.

Child Friendly?

They offer High Chairs and a welcoming environment. They were happy to put a rush order on the fries so that Elowyn could get started while we were pouring over the wings menu.




Crispy, light, not too oily, the perfect thickness and served piping hot. I have high hopes for their sweet-potato fries now and will be trying them next time I go!



Crown Caesar
Crisp romaine with a home-made creamy roasted garlic and anchovy dressing topped with fresh Parmesan and real bacon.


Andrea: I don’t usually eat bacon or anchovy dressing, but I went nuts and stepped outside my comfort zone here! This Caesar Salad was generously sized and so tasty. I liked that the house-made garlic dressing didn’t have a sweet finish – I’ve experienced this with other Caesar dressings and hate it! It was also creamy enough to be satisfying, but light enough on the tongue to avoid coating my mouth with an unshakeable garlic aftertaste (the worst). I don’t know how they did that – but it was amazing! The parmesan dusting and crispy bacon bits were a perfect finish.

Flavour 1: Roadside Lemonade (award-winner!)
A great mix of real lemonade and rosemary, for the kid in all of us.

IMG_0649Andrea’s Rating: 4/5

Refreshing and zesty, I think this was the most original flavour for me – so extra points for that! While rosemary is a common herb for poultry, I loved that this sauce was made with actual lemonade, giving it a unique kick and some underlying sweetness. The earthy rosemary balanced out the flavour. A win!

Sofia’s Rating: 3/5

Points for creativity but this palette cleanser was my least favourite of the four we tried. While I did enjoy the subtly-sweet citrus flavour, I wasn’t a big fan of the rosemary. Turns out I like rosemary on baked chicken but could do without it on deep-fried wings! I prefer saucy wings to be very saucy and this one suffered in my books from only a thin coating of lemonade sauce.

Flavour 2: Turning Japanese
Teriyaki & sesame seed. 


Andrea’s Rating: 4.5/5
To me, this was the thickest and richest tasting wing sauce. I absolutely loved it! Tangy teriyaki complements chicken beautifully; so while it was unique for me to see a Japanese wing sauce on the menu, the flavour pairing made sense to my palate. I would order a plate of these alone!

Sofia’s Rating: 3.9/5

The sauce on this wing was fantastic! It was on the sweeter side (which is right up my alley) and the sesame added a nice nutty finish. It’s a great flavour profile for fried chicken and one I would definitely order again.

Flavour 3: Mardi Gras (award-winner!)
Dry style with a slow Cajun burn.


Andrea’s Rating: 5/5
Along with everyone at the table, this wing was the dark horse for me! A dry rub, while tasty, tends to be underwhelming next to the array of slurpy, satisfying, exotic sauces on the menu. Not the case here!! The Mardi Gras wing offered full-body flavour with strong hints of cayenne and thyme. The crispy coating was a perfect complement to the juicy tender wing. This one wins it for me!

Sofia’s Rating: 4.7/5

I wasn’t expecting to like this dry-rub wing as much as I did. The outside coating of the wing had a nice crips to it, and it was the juiciest wing to bite into! It made me appreciate that with the right amount of bold seasoning, high-quality meaty wings don’t need sauce.

Flavour 4: Smokin’ Gun (award winner!)                                                        All of our famous sweet and smoky flavour with a touch of Miami heat



Andrea’s Rating: 3.5/5
It could be because I tried this wing last, or that it lacked the flavour novelty of the others – but it paled a little bit in comparison to the rest of the line-up. That said, I still loved the house barbeque sauce on the wing – I would love to try it in a pulled chicken sandwich.

I loved that the wings were large in size, filling, and that there were platter options to optimize your sauce samplings! For pub style fare, I thought the food was high quality, flavourful and really great value.

Sofia’s Rating: 5/5

BBQ is a flavour I order often for wings, and this one stands out among a sea of one dimensional flavours. It had just the right amount of sweetness with a hint of smokiness that didn’t over-power the original sauce’s bbq tang. It had a bold flavour along with a generous portion of sauce. My favourite from the bunch!


Final Scores:

In 4th Place.. Roadside Lemonade: 7/10

3rd Place.. Turning Japanese 8.4

2nd Place.. Smokin Gun 8.5

1st Place goes to.. Mardi Gras 9.7



We almost forgot the house-made dill sauce! It was a great addition to the platter, and just what the veggies needed to shine amongst such tasty wings.

What’s your favourite wing flavour?

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