Vegan Biscuits and Gravy

Andrea Banerjee

In exciting kitchen news: I think I’ve found my current favourite vegan recipe! Although, if you had told me a year ago that I’d be baking vegan biscuits from scratch, I’d have laughed.

To back up a little: I’ve recently become a huge fan of Minimalist Baker, a brilliant recipe blog that offers plant-based dishes requiring a maximum of 10 ingredients. It’s become a go-to for vegan meal ideas, and there are so many amazing options, it’s hard to decide what to make first! Naturally I jumped at the chance to download the Minimalist Baker Fan Favourites eBook.

One of the recipes that caught my eye immediately was “1-Hour Vegan Pot Pies.” This delicious looking recipe uses biscuits as the “crust” for the pies (kind of like a tasty bread bowl. It seemed a little more challenging than I’m used to, but well worth the effort.

I didn’t end up making this dish as individual pot pies – but I took the two components of the recipe to make a slightly more deconstructed meal of vegan biscuits and gravy. I used the “Best Damn Vegan Biscuits” recipe along with the “1-Hour Vegan Pot Pies” filling, to make a hot, dreamy dinner that was perfect on a cold miserable day.

I’m often easily distracted while baking or cooking, but this time I focused, and followed the recipes to the letter. They turned out beautifully.



The biscuits were moist and fluffy and we ate them hot out of the oven. To save a little time, I pre-steamed my veggies so that they were extra soft and flavourful in the gravy/filling. I ladled it onto a stack of biscuits, topped with freshly ground black pepper, and dug in.

I loved that this was pretty different than most other vegan recipes I’ve seen, and I truly think this would be a huge hit with non-veggie/non-vegan dinner guests. I’ve already made the biscuits again, and they’re a fantastic stand-alone recipe if you’re hosting a brunch or tea party!




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