Calorie Crushing Circuit 3: HIIT Stair Workout

Next in our circuit series: this epic high intensity interval stair circuit is just the thing for bad weather days or while you’re travelling. Get all the benefits of HIIT in less than 20 minutes!

It was raining when we  completed this circuit in our not so fancy (but convenient) condo stair-well. But on a nice day, Toronto has some great spots if you want to take this workout outdoors.

  • High Park has plenty of wooden stair-cases throughout the park and hills if you would rather do the hill sprints from our previous circuit.
  • Baldwin Steps near Casa Loma offer a wonderful view of the city and have a water-fountain at the top for thirsty runners.
  • Sherwood Park has a scenic trail system and wide wooden stairs in their off-lead dog park. A great place to get some HIIT in while enjoying the cuteness of the neighbourhood dogs. Or if you have a dog, even better! You can train as a team in Sherwood.

Pro Tip: Try this workout with the whole family! Add extra resistance by wearing your little one. Elowyn really enjoyed cheering us on!

HIIT Stair Circuit 

2 Flights of Walking

2 Flights of Lunges (skipping a step)

2 Flights of Running 

Repeat for 15-20 mins!

See this #fitfam in action and hear Elowyn repeating my exercise instructions (=


Coach Sofia Martimianakis



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