My Picnic Proposal to my Bridal Party

Andrea Banerjee

The weeks since I got engaged have been many things: exciting, fun, emotional, eye-opening and challenging at times, as we began the process of finding our venue and caterer, sticking to a budget, and honouring the style of wedding we want. No easy feat! But it was a lot of fun to experience with my fiance.

While I was anxious to get some of those big decisions out of the way, I saved myself a bright spot for September: the exciting prospect of assembling my bridal party!

I knew I wanted to try to get everyone together, and as I thought about who I wanted my bridesmaids to be, I realized that
a) I wanted to do something relaxed and fun for my girlfriends because they have truly done so much for me over the years of our friendship; and b) I wanted the bridesmaid day to have the same feel as my wedding (relaxed, outdoors, rustic).

Thanks to the recent heat wave, we had a sunny (actually kind of blistering) hot day for the picnic. I set up picnic blankets, pillows and place settings on my dad’s deck, with a little envelope at each plate.

I did handwritten notes inside fun cards to each of my friends – nothing too mushy, but I wanted to express what they each mean to me, since my friendships with each of them is so unique.

Setting up in the morning


I bought a huge market bunch of flowers and split them into different bouquets. They were so unique and gorgeous! I feel lucky that I found them!


For food I bought a bunch of sandwich ingredients and spent some time assembling a simple assortment in the morning. I also made a huge kale salad that I’ll be sharing the recipe for.



Due to the heat I knew we needed something to keep cool so I made a big pitcher of infused ice water and a Mint Pink Lemonade. We also set up cool foot spas out in the grass – so refreshing!



Sofia treated us all to some amazing doughnuts from The Rolling Pin (insert heart-eye emoji) and one of my bridesmaids brought homemade vegan chocolate chip and sea salt cookies that were amaaaazing.


I was so busy having fun that I didn’t take a single photo (oops) so thanks to my bridal party who have kindly contributed their phone snaps!

Oh and my bridesmaids all graciously accepted my proposal! 😉

Our wedding date is set for August 4, 2019. So excited for the year ahead. ❤

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  1. This is such a beautiful bridal party proposal, I know I love everything I see in these pictures. 😊…Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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