Vegan “Date Night” Chocolate Chip Cookies

Andrea Banerjee 

When my fiance and I first started seeing each other three years ago, we had a bunch of dates where we would invent crazy, junk-fuelled… “kitchen creations” let’s call them. It pains me to reveal this, but I’m talking about experiments like marshmallow and Skittles cookies, and Mini Egg pancakes >.< 

They were mostly disgusting, but since we both have such a sweet tooth, it was really fun (I actually think I have sweet teeth, plural!). Nowadays things have changed quite a bit, between eating vegan at home and attempting to avoid further cavities, weight gain, insulin crashes, and stomachaches. But the sweet tooth lives on, and I still find something so cozy, nostalgic and cute about baking together.  

On a recent Saturday night at home, I was craving chocolate chip cookies but I haven’t had much luck with my go-to recipes. Cookies are a baking weakness for me, so we decided to a) choose a new recipe, and b) attack it together – with him doing all of the measuring and stirring! 

I decided to go with this Betty Crocker recipe of all things, because I hadn’t yet tried a vegan cookie recipe that uses coconut oil. As I’ve said before about other foods, I’m a chocolate chip cookie purist, so I had avoided the ingredient out of a fear of a flavour takeover! Coconut oil can be hard to mask in baking, especially when used in large quantities. 

As it turns out, the trade-off was worth the change in texture. These cookies, though slightly coconutty, were rich and satisfying hot out of the oven, and even better after sitting for a day. They’re still just a tiny bit more cakey than we were anticipating, but it’s a recipe I’ll use again and maybe tweak. I always feel like the type and volume of vegan milk used affects the texture of your batter. 

Speaking of batter, this was the best one of my life. You can see from the photo how spot-on the texture was and I snuck a few bites. 

If you have a favourite vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe please drop me a line in the comments!!

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  1. shellteacup says:

    Hi, these look great. I’m not a fan of baking with coconut oil either but I might just give these a try. Hard to find vegan chocolate chips here in England but I’ll try. Love your blogs. xx


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