Behind the Scenes with Global Chef Canada

  I had the chance to go behind the scenes with Rahil Rathod, the recent Gold Medal Recipient of the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCFCC) national competition. Chef Rahil has earned the honour of representing Canada in the upcoming World Chefs Global Chef Challenge this July in Malaysia.   Seventy Nations are competing in the Global Chefs…

Introducing Il Fornello’s New Vegan Menu!

Il Fornello has been a longtime Toronto favourite for wood-fired pizza and fresh made pasta. I attended a media-tasting yesterday to sample their all new vegan menu. Luckily, I took tons of pictures because words alone wouldn’t do it justice. It was an absolute delight! Il Fornello brought in a vegetarian chef, Margie Cook, to…

Savoury Macarons, the Next Big Thing?

I was skeptical at first too. I love macarons, especially high-quality imported French macarons. Just last month, I did a head-to-head comparison of two of Toronto’s biggest names Ladurée VS Nadège. Read all about the epic showdown and see who came out victorious here. I considered myself well-versed in the macaron scene… But savoury macarons? Nadège had a featured Brie and…

Cherry Blossoms in High Park, Worth Braving the Crowds?

For Torontonians, it’s not just holidays that mark the passing of seasons. Certain locations throughout the city take on special significance at various times of the year. Nathan Phillips Square for the Cavaclade of Lights, the Distillery District Christmas Market, Harbour-front Summer Festivals, Exhibition Place in August for the CNE, and the annual Spring Pilgrimage…

Sofia Goes to.. Lisa Marie

I was invited to a media-tasting event at Lisa Marie, organized by Jojoinstameets, and it was one of the best events I’ve been to yet! It was plate after plate of deliciousness. Do you like bold dishes that pack a big flavour punch? A diversity of flavour profiles coming together harmoniously to create an unforgettable…

Sofia Goes to.. Fresh

I have been going to Fresh since my undergrad years at UofT. Their main menu is vegan with the option of making some dishes vegetarian with the addition of dairy. Back then, my go to meal of choice was the soup and corn-bread combo. It was a comforting healthy meal on a student budget. There…

Sofia Goes to… Paese Ristorante

I was fortunate to try a twelve course meal at a media-tasting event. I’ll let you know which dishes were standouts and which missed the mark!

Sofia Goes to.. Swiss Chalet

Swiss Chalet can be a great choice when you’re eating out and trying to stick to your meal-plan. The Quarter Chicken Dinner with white meat, for example, only has 210 calories and a whopping 48g of protein! Add a salad as your side and you have a great healthy option.

With their new menu-items Swiss Chalet can also be the perfect cheat-day destination.

A satisfying meal either way!

Sofia Goes to… Pestacio

At Pestacio you’ll find an array of delicious organic products full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Nutritious snacks for all!

Including an all natural vegan-friendly marshmallow… what am I talking about? Read on to see!

Sofia Goes to.. Gusto 54 Catering

Looking for a wedding caterer?

Want to be the office hero who suggests the best catering option for your next meeting?

Gusto’s professional staff bring their authentic moveable feast to weddings, corporate meetings, large-scale fundraisers and can even do smaller scale dinner parties.

Check out some of Gusto’s popular items and the newest additions to their menu!

Sofia Goes to.. Hollywood Cone

I attended a media tasting at Hollywood Cone and tried their new menu items. Spoiler Alert: They’re new hot-dogs are just as over the top as their famous shakes!