Is F45 Worth the Money?

We decided to see if the high energy classes we’d been hearing about lived up to the hype.

The Surprising Heartburn Cure

For months I suffered from intense heartburn. Medications only kept it at bay temporarily. And then I found this unexpected cure!

How many of these 6 Poisonous Personality types do you have in your life?

Life is a jungle. One way to come out on top is to recognize the predators and adjust your defence in accordance to their style of attack. It’s easy enough to handle Poisonous Personalities when they’re new people you meet or acquaintances. You can elect to disassociate yourself from them with little consequence. But what if they’re part of your family? What if they’re a member of a close knit group of friends you’ve had your entire life?

Writing Away My Bathroom Blues

Read all about why I have been MIA these past few weeks.

An old enemy has resurfaced and even though the battle wages on I’m determined to come out victorious.

Calorie Crushing Circuit 3: HIIT Stair Workout

Next in our circuit series: this epic high intensity interval stair circuit is just the thing for bad weather days or while you’re travelling. Get all the benefits of HIIT in less than 20 minutes! It was raining when weΒ  completed this circuit in our not so fancy (but convenient) condo stair-well. But on a…

Calorie Crushing Circuit 2: Outdoor HIIT Workout

There are so many benefits to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It’s the perfect efficient form of cardio to add to your workout regiment! Best of all you can get the whole family involved. Still need some convincing? HIIT workouts are quick (20 minutes or less!) perfect for busy days that you would otherwise skip…

Calorie Crushing Circuit Workout 1: Back, Quads and Glutes

I absolutely love circuit workouts, especially when I’m training with friends. It’s an intense workout that keeps your heart-rate in the fat burning zone. Which means you’ll be toning while still burning off those extra pounds! The only breaks are for a few quick sips of water in-between rounds. Bonus: It’s also a heart-healthy workout…

Algonquin Park-Hardwood Lookout Trail 1km

The Hardwood Lookout Trail is a short 1km loop that takes you through a typical Algonquin hardwood forest and culminates in a breathtaking view of Smoke Lake and the surrounding maple hills. We did this trail after the challenging Mizzy Lake trail and were very happy we didn’t let a little thing like fatigue stop…