Father’s Day Heat-Wave Adventures

To keep the portrait session a surprise I told Dave I had entered him in a local father daughter talent show and that I had signed him up for singing a duet with Elowyn. He refused to leave the house. “It’s going to be awesome! You have a great chance at winning!” I said. “No, I’m absolutely not doing it! See this is why I hate surprises.” he replied.

Fun Half-Birthday Celebration Ideas

See why my family celebrates half-birthdays and if this tradition might be right for you!

Also included: Elowyn’s 18 Month Milestones and a Video of her Β 1Β 1⁄2 BirthdayΒ Party Adventures.

Greek Easter: Bunnies and Baked Goods and Lamb Oh My!

Easter is one of my favourite holidays; steeped in tradition and a week’s worth of baking and cooking makes it the perfect special occasion. I have been baking with my mother for as long as I can remember. This year, with my mom spending Easter in Greece with her siblings, I was the head chef…

Happy Norouz! Spring is Finally Here. Wait.. What’s Norouz?

Before meeting my husband, I had never formally celebrated the beginning of spring. Now I look forward to it every year. Persian New Year, Norouz, is the spring equinox and has been celebrated since antiquity. In Toronto, it often doesn’t feel like spring when we celebrate, but it’s nice to know that after celebrating Norouz…