How many of these 6 Poisonous Personality types do you have in your life?

Life is a jungle. One way to come out on top is to recognize the predators and adjust your defence in accordance to their style of attack. It’s easy enough to handle Poisonous Personalities when they’re new people you meet or acquaintances. You can elect to disassociate yourself from them with little consequence. But what if they’re part of your family? What if they’re a member of a close knit group of friends you’ve had your entire life?

Writing Away My Bathroom Blues

Read all about why I have been MIA these past few weeks.

An old enemy has resurfaced and even though the battle wages on I’m determined to come out victorious.

How To Create an At-Home Wellness Retreat

    Andrea Banerjee When my sister asked me to go with her on a wellness retreat, we were both excited and curious at the idea. Full disclosure: We both work 9-5 office jobs and are urban/suburbanites by trade. A weekend of meditation, exercise, fresh air … and time away from our vices and devices?…

Mindful Monday: Intro to Visualization

Visualization techniques are used by athletes to boost performance, business professionals to improve confidence, and by individuals wishing to increase their chances of success. For me, visualization techniques were the cure for my panic attacks. If you’ve ever had a panic attack you know how awful they are, and that even after they pass you…