Sofia Goes to.. Lisa Marie

I was invited to a media-tasting event at Lisa Marie, organized by Jojoinstameets, and it was one of the best events I’ve been to yet! It was plate after plate of deliciousness. Do you like bold dishes that pack a big flavour punch? A diversity of flavour profiles coming together harmoniously to create an unforgettable…

Sofia Goes to.. Swiss Chalet

Swiss Chalet can be a great choice when you’re eating out and trying to stick to your meal-plan. The Quarter Chicken Dinner with white meat, for example, only has 210 calories and a whopping 48g of protein! Add a salad as your side and you have a great healthy option.

With their new menu-items Swiss Chalet can also be the perfect cheat-day destination.

A satisfying meal either way!

Sofia Goes to…Tabriz Persian Cookhouse

I was invited to a media event at Tabriz Persian Cookhouse. How did Tabriz compare to other Persian restaurants in Toronto? What were the “must-order” items? Read on to find out!

Sofia Goes to… Smoked & Cracked

Smoked & Cracked is a seafood restaurant in Mount Pleasant Village. It’s lobster rolls are the best I’ve ever had and it offers up a romantic and cozy atmosphere with great service.