A Dino Family Halloween

Pumpkin Carving, Parties, and Trick-or-Treating made this Halloween a memorable one for the Dino Family!

Toddler Approved Strawberry Banana Surprise Smoothie

Since discovering Avocado Smoothies I’ve been making them a lot more frequently. The added richness of the avocado really takes your smoothie game to another level! Today I decided to add a little more greenery to the mix and see if Elowyn would still approve of a snack time smoothie bowl. As you can see…

Deerhurst Resort Review-Travel Blog

  My husband was a presenter at this year’s OPA Conference, so Elowyn and I came along and we made it a family adventure to remember! The conference was held at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville Ontario. The resort has fantastic programming for children year-round and offers luxurious amenities. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive from…

Algonquin Park: Mizzy Lake Trail 11km

The Mizzy Lake Trail begins at Arowhon Road, 15km in from the West Gate of Algonquin Park. Mizzy Lake is one of your best chances to see wildlife in the park, particularly moose and beaver. It’s an 11km loop with an optional 2km side trip to view bear nests (they are up on living Beech…

Fun Half-Birthday Celebration Ideas

See why my family celebrates half-birthdays and if this tradition might be right for you!

Also included: Elowyn’s 18 Month Milestones and a Video of her ย 1ย 1โ„2 Birthdayย Party Adventures.

Sofia Goes to… The Science Centre (with a toddler!)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Elowyn’s first visit. Would she enjoy it? Would she be over-whelmed by all of the noise and March Break crowds? Was it a mistake leaving the stroller behind and opting solely for the carrier? What about the IMAX movie, would she sit through it or cry and need to be taken out?